We Did The Math: Evolve does not have $130 worth of DLC.

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We Did The Math: Evolve does not have $130 worth of DLC.

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Disclaimer: This article contains math.


I’m going to keep this as simple as possible. Anyone who tells you Evolve has $130 worth of DLC is lying to you, and is telling you that because it makes it more interesting ‘news’. And I’m going to tell you why it’s a lie, and it’s pretty simple.


First, lets state two things:

1.)    All of Evolve’s currently released DLC are skins.

2.)    The Season Pass is excluded, as it gives access to content not currently available for play.

This means everything in the Evolve store has no impact on actual game play. Most news articles talking about Evolve’s DLC mention this, and don’t add in the Season Pass’s price.


EvolveBut let’s take a look at what the DLC for Evolve entails. Each Monster skin, for each of the current three monsters, is $2.99. Since there are three different types of monsters, and three styles of skins, that totals up to $26.91 (3monsters x3skins x$2.99=$26.91). Hunters each have two skins per class, each skin is $1.99 per character, and there are three characters. So that’s $11.94 (2skins x3hunters x$1.99=$11.94) per class, and, with four classes, that totals up to $47.76, (4classes x2skins x3hunters x$1.99=$47.76).


Those of you playing the home game might have already added the DLC for the hunters to that for the monsters and found up it totals to $74.67. Now, that doesn’t sound like $130 to me. So I asked myself the same question I hope you’re asking: “Where did that number come from?”



If you skipped the math part, here’s the answer:

Evolve also sells their skins (the same skins I did the math for above) in bundles. At $4.99 you can get the skin type across all three hunter characters to which it applies, and for $6.99 you can get a skin type across all three monsters. So there are 8 hunter skin packs, and 3 monster skin packs. Sorry, but here comes the math again:



(8hunter-packs x$4.99)x(3monster-packs x$6.99)=$60.89


Individual Skins:

$47.76(hunter skins)+$26.91(monster skins) =$74.67


So this is how you get $130:



So this begs the question. In what universe are these people living in that people would both buy the individual skins, then buy the same skins bundled together? One of two things are happening here: Laziness or lying. Telling you that there is $136 of DLC is either the result of someone not looking at what that DLC actually is, or they are inarticulately adding up the numbers to make a more interesting news story.


I wish I could drop a mic and walk away, but instead I can just leave you with this thought.

Numbers don’t lie.  People do.

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