Top 9 Toughest Unlockables in Gaming

There’s something sadistically wonderful about spending hours, days, or months trying to obtain a “simple” unlockable in a video game. While many of the gaming secrets worthwhile are anything but simple they always come with a hefty amount of bragging rights and generally add a new element of gameplay to a game you may otherwise have been burnt out on. Here are a few of The Newbiverse’s painfully favorite secrets in no particular order. Some are amongst the toughest unlockables out there and some simply made the list because it took us savvy gamers years to discover them.

Unlockable: Sweet Tooth

Twisted Metal World Tour

twisted-metal-sweet-tooth unlockableThe Twisted Metal series may just be the most underrated multiplayer experiences in the history of gaming. Twisted Metal: World Tour offered endless hours of awesome destruction for us and our buddies. Of course we all loved the character Sweet Tooth and were devastated at first when he wasn’t an option in the World Tour.

With bragging rights on the line, we “worked” hard to be the best at the game. Amusingly enough, that actually hindered us finding the elusive Sweet Tooth. We had to die in exactly the correct spot in the New York City map to see the code in the light of the skyscrapers to get him. Man, talk about being your own worst enemy.


Unlockable: Fierce Deity Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Fierce_Deity_LinkThe Zelda games on the N64 were among the best and while both offered potential candidates for this list (with Ocarina of Time’s ice arrows being the other), but we felt the Fierce Deity mask, Majora’s Mask was the trickier of the two. To get it, we had to give away all our other hard-earned masks in return for the godlike power that turns the last boss into a joke. Trust us, it’s worth it.


Unlockable: Tofu Time

Resident Evil 2

If there’s one thing worse than endless scores of undead in Resident Evil 2, it’s tofu. That’s why the creators of decided to put in this weird, unsatisfyingly squishy foodstuff into the game as an unlockable. We had to complete the game with A grades, using 3 saves or less, in under 3 hours and do it 6 times in a row without using the infinite ammo or first aid sprays.

Only then can you savor the goodness of the Tofu Survivor. Can you say “badass”? No? Well, you can probably say “vegetarian” which is basically the same thing. What now? You now have to play the game with nothing but a knife? Yes, that’s right.


Unlockable: Scarab Gun

Halo 2

Halo 2 is one of those games that come around far too infrequently. The developers had a lot of fun plastering secrets and Easter eggs all over the map; everything from skulls that alter your gameplay to grunts doing absurd things… Like having a party. Now, the Scarab gun is a secret on a different level. A number of us here in The Newbiverse office were achievement hunters back in the H2 days and this secret was one that sounded like an internet rumor. Not easy to get to by any means, but we’re here to tell you; this thing exists… and it’s AWESOME! If you ever want to die a lot, here’s how!


Unlockable: The Hidden Quest

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy ToughestIt’s hard to believe a franchise like Final Fantasy with such a fanboy following could spend over a decade with undiscovered content. But, in May 2013, someone uncovered a hidden side quest in this classic game. We won’t spoil too much, but suffice it to say a very specific series of game storyline choices must be made for a chance to see it. Check out the video.


Unlockable: The Missing Heart Cute Piece


The missing heart cube piece from Fez was so ludicrously impossible to find, and the puzzle that needed solving was so hard to beat, it took another game developer who knew Phil Fish personally. Rumor has it, the unlocker of this puzzle reached out to Fish up for some info, solved it with help, and then dropped hints to the rest of the gaming community to help us on our way. Phi Fish, there’s a lot of hate on the Internet. But, we love you, and we want you back…


Unlockable: The Minus World

Super Mario Bros

smb_minus_worldDo you like the idea of playing the original Super Mario Bros and playing a level where you swim on and on, in an endless watery nightmare… which can only end by either a power outage or resetting the game? Cool, we did too. Back in the day, this unlock was little more than playground talk, but we can confirm that it’s real and accessible, if insanely tricky to find by yourself. Whoever discovered it is either a gaming genius and/or has an inconceivable amount of time on their hands… or both.


Unlockable: Sequel Secrets


banjo-kazooieIf you were badass enough to complete Banjo-Kazooie on the N64 with 100%, you’re probably familiar with the secrets in the end giving hints on the sequel. Sadly though, they’re hair-pullingly out of reach. Or so it seemed. After an anticlimax that even your average soft-core adult entertainment flick would cringe over, hackers later found that the areas actually are accessible. Well, only if you figured out the codes that the developers used to block these little goodies off – codes that were, of course, never mentioned in public or anywhere else. Man…


Unlockable: Sarcastic Announcer

Wave Race Blue Storm

Anyone who’s played Dota 2 with the GLaD0S’ announcer pack will know that games with sarcastic announcers are phenomenally entertaining. Also entertaining, are Nintendo’s jet ski racing games of old. Whether it’s the tropical setting or the blue ocean, or some other illusive factor, they’re just a blast to play. In Wave Race Blue Storm, you could unlock a sarcastic announcer via the password screen (accessible by using the commands START+Z+X). Next, you need to enter L R L R UU DD AZX, but only after holding Z to change the sound levels into the correct configuration. It took 9 years for anyone to figure this out…


Over to you…

What’s your number 10? Do you know of any ludicrously difficult unlockables? We’d love to hear from you, so give your opinion on what the 10th should be in the comment section below.



  1. The Big Boss face camo for Metal Gear Solid 4

  2. SteelValor says:

    I have to give props to Final Fantasy VII’s “Knights of the Round” materia. So hard I gave up twice.

  3. Chris Balvin says:

    LOL, I was gonna post about Invincibility on Goldeneye as well.

  4. jesse doheny says:

    I think debug mode or editing mode for Goldeneye 64 deserves it’s own article. Hardest unlock ever. So hard that 90% of you have neverheard of it.

  5. Dark Souls Lover says:

    In dark souls 2 there are 2 rings that a next to impossible to unlock. To get one you have to beat the game without dying and to get the other you hav to beat the game without resting at a bonfire. All these are childs play compared to that

  6. JFunk says:

    Invincibility. Goldeneye 007 N64. Facility on 00 Agent in 2:04 or less.

  7. That was a painful one… Good call.

  8. Ron Burke says:

    Man, the Dead Space 2 Foam Finger was a brutal unlock. Damned Necromorphs….

  9. John Patton says:

    Green Hill Zone-Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast

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