How to Have a Successful Xbox One Launch Day

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November 18, 2013
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How to Have a Successful Xbox One Launch Day

Xbox One Launch Day

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We recently published an article on how to have a successful PlayStation 4 launch day; a strategy guide to make sure this monumental day is equal to the day got married, your graduation from the university or theday you watched your first child be born. However, we heard back from a couple of readers to say they wouldn’t be reading the article because they didn’t plan to buy a PlayStation 4.

With the Xbox One launch just around corner, it only seemed proper that we should rework our strategy guide for the discerning Microsoft fanboy. If you’ve read both, we apologize in advance if we re-cover some of the steps, but here’s how to make have a successful launch day.

Cleaning up Your Gaming Space

Kinect Xbox One

One key feature with Xbox one is that it will bundle the Kinect hardware as standard. If you want to have as much fun as possible thrashing around in open space, its worth doing the cleaning you’ve been putting off for a month and making a nice clear space in which to enjoy your shiny new console experience. Jokes aside, if you slip on an empty potato chip packet on the floor while trying to sidestep a right hook in The Fighter Within only to split your head open on the corner of the coffee table, your excuses about being about being bed-ridden to get off work or school probably wouldn’t stand up much further than the funeral.

Excuses A Politician Would Be Proud Of

Sick for Xbox

Speaking of “calling in sick”, forget about it. Hundreds of thousands of people the world over are looking to blag, bunk, skive or otherwise lie, cheat and steal themselves out of whatever responsibilities may be in the way of playing the Call of Duty: Ghosts disc that’s been sitting on their desk for two weeks waiting for a console. You need to think outside the box. As per our last article, we suggest diarrhea. No-one wants to hear about endless gallons of hot, terrible liquid forcibly gushing from parts of your body that are bereft of sunshine. You’ll find yourself granted the allotted time off faster than you can say “don’t even have to squeeze”. For further inspiration for thinking outside the box (minus the potty humor), check out this article from Full Punch. These might also be worth checking out… At least for laughs: Click hereOr here!

Launch List Familiarization

forza_5_limited Xbox One

Yup, you’ll need games. For the love of god don’t be one of those people that assumes that your bundle comes with a game only to find yourself up a creek without a paddle on the big day. Check out the launch list and make sure you get the right ones. Don’t settle for some half-assed choices just because it gave you a couple of discs to play with on day One. Take the time to get ones you’re super excited about.

Energy Drinks over Alcohol

Red Bull for XboxIf you play any type of competitive gaming, you’ll be familiar with the situation where it seems a nice idea to have a couple of beers while you get settled into a good gaming session only to find that the adrenaline keeps wiping your blood clean of the alcohol effects. Before you know it, your reaction times have dropped by 60%, you’re dehydrated, grumpy and have a hangover in the pipeline. Energy drinks are the way forward. Maybe get a small bottle of champagne to celebrate in the morning for that special day, but after that switched to red Bull or your energy drink choice.

Xbox One

What’s in the Box?

Make sure you’ve got everything you need including a second controller if you want to play with friends and/or siblings. Here’s a list of what you’ll find in the standard bundle:

  • Xbox One console
  • The new Kinect
  • Wireless controller
  • Power cord and brick
  • A headset
  • 4K-rated HDMI cable
  • Manual and obligatory promotional sticker

Although it may be tempting to keep the packaging and box within arm’s reach so you can intermittently take deep inhalations of that fresh new console smell throughout the next day, just remember the Kinect is bundled. Be wary of any sharp corners on coffee tables.

Credit Card in Arm’s Reach

Credit card XboxWe don’t want to mention it because it’s kind of a bummer, but we feel it would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t. It’s a big deal forking out all that money for a new console but with modern digital marketplaces being what they are, it’s worth making sure you’ve got a credit card at arm’s length and a little extra cash to spare on whatever goodies will be necessary and/or available online.

From everyone here at The Newbiverse office, have an awesome launch day!


  1. Hey, PC is a great “platform.” Many-a hours have been…. spent (or wasted ;) if you prefer) by the glow of a monitor.

  2. Stephen says:

    Great article :) Shame I won’t be enjoying this though as I opted for a PC over next-gen. Although I feel I need to upgrade my 360 before next year is out ;)

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