Gaming On The All New Sony HMZ-T3 3D Headset

Sony just announced the HMZ-T3, their newest 3D headset, and we’re really excited about it!


Why? Well, first off, it contains two OLED 720p displays that’ll funnel some of the best gaming action right into your face. Also, it supports 7.1 virtual surround sound. So the next time somebody sneaks up behind you for that knife kill, you’ll be more than ready. And, considering that the whole thing weighs less than a pound, you can run around the house pretending that you’re Geordi from Star Trek all day long.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that one amazingly awesome piece of technology is included with this bad boy. That’s right, with built in Wireless HD technology you’ll be able to move around free and carelessly, maybe even do a few back flips or jump-flying sidekicks all while wearing this 3D headset. You won’t have to worry about tripping up on an extra-long HDMI cable and we think that is so awesome!

How does it connect you ask? Easy! The HMZ-T3 comes with an advanced HDMI splitter/transmitter unit which has 3 ports for a standard HDMI cable as well as a built-in MHL port and Wireless HD technology. Simply plug your console, computer, or smart phone into the appropriate plug on the back of the splitter, touch the “wireless” button, and you’ve got a completely wireless, high-definition link to the HMZ-T3 headset. Best of all, there’s no latency and the wireless signal is quite robust. The WirelessHD (Wireless HD) specification is based on a 7 GHz channel in the 60 GHz Extremely High Frequency radio band. It allows uncompressed digital transmission of high-definition video, audio, and data signals, essentially making it equivalent of a wireless HDMI cable.



(Want to learn more about Wireless HD technology? Click here!)

The HMZ-T3 can be connected to your Windows PC or your PS3. It will begin shipping in 2-3 weeks.

And in honor of this announcement, we thought that we’d give you our top 3 games to play on this amazing 3D gaming headset.

1. Killzone 3


The Killzone series is too often overlooked when it comes to first-person shooter games, but it really shouldn’t be. While Killzone 3’s story was incredibly lacking, the action, gameplay and set pieces rival any other AAA shooter to come out in years.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that it’s playable in 3D.

Now, if you can just imagine peering through your headset into the cockpit of a gun-laden mech or sneaking through the alien vegetation of Helghan, sniping enemies with a silenced SMG, you’ll understand why this game is on the list.

2. Wipeout HD


Another game that too many people dismiss without playing is Wipeout HD. This game brings all the fun of the classic Wipeout with updated graphics and the ability to import your own soundtrack. And to say that this game is gorgeous is an understatement. The track visuals, while speeding by at a pretty fast clip, look incredible.

The hidden gem of this game (and the true reason it’s on the list) is a mode that is pretty deeply hidden in the “Versus” menu. Do yourselves a favor and check out “Zone Battle.” It’s basically the best Tron video game ever made and would be near incredible with a headset.

Also, do you remember that weapon from the original game that killed enemies in one hit? The one that you pulled on your friend to the point that he would rage quit? Yeah, that’s still there.

3. The Last of Us


You probably guessed it as soon as you started reading this article. The Last of Us is the most cinematic game ever, and it deserves to be played on the type of tech that can make it shine.

While peering through the eyes of Ellie and Joel in this great piece of equipment will be a treat (or absolutely terrifying), it’s a different aspect of the game that really piques our interest. The sound design in the Last of Us is equally valuable to the game experience as its visuals. And having a nice virtual surround sound system to pinpoint footsteps will prove invaluable when you’re trying to find that last ticker.

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  1. Rico says:

    will it also be compatible with the ps4 whats the cost and when should we expect a full 1080p version

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