Wii Sports | Review by Gambit

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Wii Sports | Review by Gambit

#64 Wii Sports Review Featured

Hello again gamers and welcome to day two in week eight of our 100 reviews in 100 days countdown. We’ve got a bit of a casual titan on our hands today.

Casually Strolling into the #64 spot…


Wii Sports is a difficult game to approach when writing a review. We’ve all played it… Most of us made the head first dive into Nintendo’s new innovative console, enjoyed it for a month and then gave it to our grandparents. What was it about Wii Sports that made everyone lose their minds? Do we hate it because it ushered in far too much casual gaming that effectively put Nintendo, the parent to all that we hold dear, on a seemingly permanent uphill battle? Or, do we love it because it introduced so many people to our favorite pastime?


Normally There Would be a Clever Title Here Indicating That You’re About to Read All The Good Things About Will Sports And There Will Be Another Section For All The Bad… But This is a Special Case And They Kinda Blend Together…

Wii SportsTrue, Wii Sports was essentially the first game that most people got to play on the Wii simply because it was bundled in with the system. I have to wonder if Nintendo knew how much that would damage their game sales. There were a number of families that never went further than buying a Wii simply to play Wii Sports. Wii Sports was an excellent showcase for motion control. It had the ability to tell where you were swinging the racket during a game of tennis, it detected the severity of a swing in golf, and it precisely calculated how terrible you were at bowling off of the swing of the Wii-mote.

I was amongst the day one early adopters. Having never been let down by a Nintendo console before, I figured that this could be a step into the future with virtual reality right around the corner. While the Wii-mote delivered beautifully in simplistic games like Wii-Sports it was, overall, a disappointment. I know, this review is not about the Wii itself, but hear me out. The Wii performed so well on Wii Sports that it left us with a delusion of its capabilities. There were a few games here and there that stood up to what we expected but, it’s my firm belief that, had Wii Sports not been such a success, we might not have seen nearly the amount of shovelware that made it onto the console, effectively killing it. Ultimately, I believe that the simple fact that Wii Sports was as good as it was, is what put Nintendo on the defensive. There are a number of titles that the general public never played that showcased the Wii just as well (Metroid Prime, for example), but did no damage to the overall landscape of Nintendo as a whole.

At the end of the day, Wii Sports is a good, albeit simplistic game… But I hate it. The score for this review is entirely objective… so I am forced, against my better judgment… to leave you with a 4 out of 5.

Rating 4

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