The Sims | Review by Gambit

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October 16, 2014
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The Sims | Review by Gambit

#61 The Sims Review Featured

Hello gamers and welcome to the end of week eight on our 100 reviews in 100 days! I’ll admit, this week has been a little lackluster on the titles, but here we are at number 61.

Simulating the number 61 spot…


The Sims LogoSo, if you’ve been following the countdown, you’ve probably noticed that each title is reviewed by someone that generally likes the game… This one got kicked around the office quite a lot before I ended up drawing the short straw and having to do it. The Sims, to me, is a gaming anomaly. I’ve never seen the draw. When it first came out, sure, I played it… for 30 minutes before I realized how obnoxiously boring it was. The thing that I’ve never understood is that nobody really seems to like this game, yet it persists on existing. It seems that, for every 10 gamers, you find one person (generally a woman) that absolutely adores this series. I won’t pretend for a second that I understand how a woman’s mind works, so I won’t even begin to venture into that territory, but here we are.


The Father of The Sims

The SimsWill Wright, the father of The Sims, got his fame back in 1989 when he created SimCity. SimCity was a phenomenon in gaming, prior to his creation of this title there was little to be said about a computer game being so in depth. He followed that up rather quickly with his release of SimEarth, then SimAnt, then SimLife… Are we catching the trend? Long story short, Will Wright knows how to do one thing, and obviously he’s very good at it because people continue to buy his games.

The Sims was released in 2000 and has spawned so many iterations that I don’t feel confident putting a number on it, even with Wikipedia at my fingertips. The entire concept of The Sims is to create a character and keep them alive… How riveting. While I’ve never understood the draw to this series I can’t ignore the fact that it has pulled in billions of dollar’s worth of sales for EA Games.

It’s probably pretty apparent that I’m not a fan of the series. Given that, I can tell you that The Sims has had a huge impact on gaming in general. The in-depth way that The Sims approaches its world has rubbed off on any number of games that have come after it. I imagine that RPGs would be significantly less in depth had Will Wright not come along and introduced us to this way of thinking. We may have made it there eventually on our own but I can say with fairly confident words that the landscape of video games would be significantly different. For that reason alone, I will leave The Sims with a 3 out of 5 rather than a 1 out of 5.

Rating 2

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