Team Fortress 2 | Review by Thor

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November 7, 2014
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Team Fortress 2 | Review by Thor

#45 Team Fortress 2 Review Featured

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to week twelve of our 100 reviews in 100 days!

Going for the hat trick in the #45 position…

Team Fortress 2 Logo

Competition in multiplayer video games is a constant these days.  The never ending fight between the red and blue teams spans across multiple different games and platforms.  Team Fortress 2′s entire concept is centered on this battle.  Most current-gen games involve some form of multiplayer, but the Team Fortress series is only about the multiplayer.



Team Fortress 2Team Fortress 2 was originally announced in 1998 by Valve, as a sort of sequel to the Quake mod that originally spawned the series in 1996.  It went through a very long developmental phase that moved it from a very militaristic game to one with a more comical feel, but it still maintained an incredible competitive atmosphere.  The game usually centered around a factory-type level involving two teams, RED and BLU, with varying combinations of the game’s 9 different classes.  Multiple different game modes allowed for countless hours of play, and helped to solidify Team Fortress 2’s prominence in the eSports world.

The ability to choose a class helped to revolutionize shooters.  It’s easy to forget it now, but this is a relatively new development in the FPS world.  No longer is everyone the same basic character, but now you have your own sets of skills, powers and weapons.  This allowed for more diverse and complex strategies and gameplay, especially when the “Highlander” version was implemented, allowing only one of each class per team.  Team Fortress 2 brought forth some unparalleled gameplay, and this alone guarantees it a spot in the eSports hall of fame.  Well, it would if that were a thing.

Team Fortress 2′s design is one of the most iconic in all of gaming, having been inspired after Cornwell and Rockwell.  This design is key to the game’s success, allowing it to stand out initially by virtue of it’s appearance before you even get to it’s amazing gameplay.  The incredibly long developmental cycle of this game has been one of the few complaints that people were able to level at it, citing that it should never have taken this long to create a game.  In fairness to the complainers, (they occasionally have a point), it was announced in 1998 and didn’t see release until 2007.  That’s a long wait.  However, this game was created by Valve, the makers of Half-Life and the long waited Half-Life 2: Episode 3, and they’re known for long dev cycles, so it wasn’t a huge surprise.  Still, nine years is a long time.



Team Fortress 2 was/is one of the greatest team shooters ever made.  To this day people still religiously play the game, and it’s release along with the Orange Box helped to create a bonafide blockbuster.  For all of these reasons and many, many more The Ultimate Gamer gives Team Fortress 2 a 4.5 out of 5.

Rating 4.5

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