Super Mario Galaxy 2 | Review by Gambit

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Ms Pac-Man | Review by Gambit
September 24, 2014
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 | Review by Gambit

#77 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review Featured

Welcome back gamers to day four in our fifth week on the road that is 100 reviews in 100 day, brought to you by The Ultimate Gamer and PwnRank.

Gracefully Landing in spot #77…


Super Mario Galaxy was a sensation hit when it game out. Not since the days of Mario 64 have we seen Nintendo take such a bold step toward game engine mechanics. So, what would it take to make us look twice at a game that was based off of the same engine? We couldn’t have told you what we needed before its release, but we can sure tell you now. This. Exactly this is what it would take to recapture the magic they brought with the first iteration of this series.


Flying High…

Super Mario Galaxy 2Let’s get this right out in the open; Super Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the very few sequels that I expected nothing from but was blown away. Super Mario Galaxy 2 took what Super Mario Galaxy did, added a bit of this, a bit of that, and a dash of magic to come up with a completely different, completely unique way to use a three year old engine.

With the seamless switching between the classic 2D world into the 3D that Super Mario Galaxy brought to fruition it’s a wonder that Nintendo was able to hold our favorite plumber’s legacy so well. The addition of Yoshi was expected, of course, but executed beautifully. Giving each different color Yoshi different abilities brought us older gamers back to our days in front of the SNES.


Where does it stop?

With Super Mario Galaxy, it doesn’t. This is one of those games that will simply “wow” you. If you haven’t played either of the Super Mario Galaxy games, I highly recommend that you remedy that. Go check them out, you just might be surprised. 5 out of 5 from us.

Rating 5

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