Super Mario 3 | Review by Gambit

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Super Mario 3 | Review by Gambit

#21 Super Mario 3 Review Featured

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to our 100 reviews in 100 days countdown!

Jumping into the #21 Position…

Super Mario Bros. 3 Logo
Mario, as a character, is an oddity. He’s a plumber that has an issue with losing the ladies to apes and giant turtle… dragon… things. Seriously, is there another character whose girlfriends get kidnapped as regularly as Mario’s? If this were happening in real life, we’d be checking Mario’s basement for a pit where he’s lowering lotion to women in a basket. I’m not saying that I’m a wiz with the ladies, mind you, but at least I don’t have his issues. Must be a rough life.

Mario Strikes Back

Super Mario Bros. 3The original Super Mario Brothers on the NES was a masterpiece. It was among the first of the side-scrollers that got the formula right, and was certainly the genre’s first runaway hit. Super Mario 2 was essentially a copy/paste, and made a mockery of what the first game had done. It was widely panned, and historically sits as a low point for the franchise (personally, I like Mario 2 as a game… But not as a Mario game). Then, Mario and his faithful green brother Luigi got their triumphant return in Super Mario 3. Thank God Nintendo course-corrected in a major way for the third installment, because they nailed it. Mario 3 was a blockbuster hit, and is one of my all-time favorites. I was making the video for this review earlier, and just hearing that music and seeing those almost smooth graphics… Amazing. After all these years, Mario 3 still has some major juice.
Mario 3 brought back everything that I loved about the original and gave it that extra kick. Coupled with the addition of the flutes, the music boxes, and the all-important raccoon tail; this game was a piece of art. I remember sitting on my living room floor, (because apparently Nintendo hadn’t quite mastered the technology behind making longer chords for their controllers in the late 80’s), and playing this game to the point of exhaustion with my sister. Hours upon hours of my life were happily poured into this game and I regret nothing!

If You Haven’t Yet Played It…

Super Mario bros 3I can’t think of any acceptable excuse beyond “I don’t have hands. Or eyes” as to why anyone might not have played Super Mario 3. If you are one of those people that haven’t played it, I’m very sorry to hear about whatever tragic accident occurred to cost you your eyes and hands, but you should try to play this masterpiece anyway. It’ll be worth it. They’re doing some amazing things with prosthetics nowadays; you have a chance!
On a more serious note: Super Mario 3 had everything going for it. It had great controls, great music, great graphics, and it was challenging without being punishing. It was amazing, and fully deserves the 5 out of 5 that I’m leaving it with.
5 out of 5

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