Resident Evil | Review by Mania

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Resident Evil | Review by Mania

#79 Resident Evil Review Featured

It’s Tuesday, and we have a fresh review for you fine folks, most of our hearts will remember this as our first Survival Horror game. Spot 79 of our 100 reviews in 100 days in conjunction with is right up, and it’ll scare you white!

Spot 79 goes to a good scare…


Resident Evil 2 was already covered on the list. Yet, as you can see here, the first installment was mighty fine. Fine enough to get a higher spot, and(at least for myself) have moments that Gamers will tell and re-tell for years to come still. It’s that Hallway, that the dogs jump into from the windows…. gets me every time. Looking back to a game that literally set milestones for others to follow as well as hold a high bar for themselves. The first Resident Evil, still holds all the glory it used too.

Aim for the head…

So... I'm going to leave now

So… I’m going to leave now

Side note, writing another review about a game that already has their sequel reviewed makes it hard to write in a manner to not give the reader Deja Vu. Alas! It shall be done! Resident Evil starts the status-quo of two interconnected storylines. You play between Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, two S.T.A.R.S. operatives that investigate murders. Do you know why they were called though? Yeah, strange murders just outside of Racoon City with reports of cannibalism. Which, as you might imagine, is a horrible call to receive because they’re now zombies and no longer human. I’m pretty sure that’s not cannibalism…. Don’t quote me.

As You and your S.T.A.R.S. operatives come up to the area that the report speaks of, you soon find yourself trapped in a mansion with the rest of your team slowly falling off the radar. One will fall off right from the start depending on who you choose. Resident Evil being one of the first of it’s kind, it was hard for critics to determine if certain things might have been bad. While all the choices Capcom made at the time made sense, looking back on things, wasn’t really the greatest way to do it.

….But you shot the arm.

Can you really call that gore?

Can you really call that gore?

In no way I am saying there is anything wrong with this game for it’s time. Later on in life, of course, the prestige we once thought about does end up decaying. With so many advancements into the Resident Evil franchise, without playing the first one when it came out could hinder your ability to love this game. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a shoe in to pass, some of the quirks are still great even today and it’s proven with all the remakes that you can still, in fact, enjoy this game a great deal.

Resident Evil has a static camera, usually in the corner of a room. This may get in the way at times, but only heightens expense when you really can’t see what’s behind that desk. The controls make sense for camera angles, but take a second to get used too. Meaning sometimes aiming your gun is harder than necessary, and I’m pretty sure head shots were all chance.


While the game is obviously dated, go back and play it if you haven’t. There are a number of reboots to update the graphics and flow of the game. In fact, there is little to no reason on you wouldn’t go back and play this game. Sometimes, even after you’ve already played a game, it’s fun to go back and re-live the adventure. Plus this game is sure to scare time and again. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the best of the 4 endings. 4.5 out of 5.

Rating 4.5

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