Ms Pac-Man | Review by Gambit

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Ms Pac-Man | Review by Gambit

#78 Ms PacMan Review Featured

Welcome to day three of week five in The Ultimate Gamer and Pwnrank’s 100 reviews in 100 days.

Walka Walka… (ing?) Into spot number 78…

Ms Pac-Man Logo

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Ms Pac-Man somehow beat out games like Mario Kart 64, Baldur’s Gate II, and Grim Fandango to take the number 78 spot on our list. The fact that we haven’t seen Pac-Man himself make an appearance just yet makes me wonder if this is going to be a woman’s rights issue…


Something Is Awesomely Familiar…

Ms Pac ManAlright, so everyone has played Pac-Man at some point in their lives, right? Well, since I can’t hear you answering me, I’m going to assume that is fact. Pac-Man is, at its core, a bunch of repetitive fun and Ms Pac-Man took things just a step further with that good ol’ repetition of funness. While Pac-Man is very basic and has the same maze for every level, Ms Pac-Man mixed things up a bit with a whopping four different mazes. To add to that, Ms. Pac-Man has a bow AND lipstick! Eat that Pac-Man… Oh… That came out wrong.

Anyway, at first glance, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are identical games but there are a few subtle differences that make Ms. Pac-Man the arcade enthusiast’s game of choice. I’ve already mentioned the fact that Ms. Pac-Man has three more map layouts than Pac-Man does, but there actually are a few more subtle changes: Ms. Pac-Man moves around the maze a bit faster than Pac-Man, the ghosts do not follow a set pattern (unlike the classic ghosts of Pac-Man), and the fruit bonuses pop out of the warp tunnel and bounce around the maze. If these things don’t make for a better game, I don’t know what does.


Something Is Exhaustingly Familiar…

Even with all of these SUBTLE changes between the two games, the bottom line is that they are repetitive and all together boring after a very short span of time. Unless you are one of those arcade classic enthusiasts you’re likely to lose interest pretty quickly in the gameplay mechanics.


All in All…

Ms Pac-Man is ultimately a great game for its time. Yes, it “borrowed” a bit of gameplay from its predecessor, but the simple fact that it still has a cult following all its own is worth a mention. I’ll leave the lovely Ms Pac-Man with a respectable 3.5 out of 5.

Rating 3.5

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