Minecraft | Review by Mania

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November 11, 2014
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Minecraft | Review by Mania

#43 Minecraft Review Featured

Welcome to our hump day review as we continue our 100 Reviews in 100 Days! In case you’ve missed it, The Ultimate Gamer has joined forces with pwnRank.com! pwnRank.com parses the internet for ‘Top Games’lists, smacks a value on them, and ranks them themselves to find out what truly is the best game of all time! So let’s keep things going with a game you’ve probably heard of.


Minecraft Logo

Minecraft!  Yes, it’s the game that somehow keeps the attention of children while requiring the know-how of an architectural engineer.  Believe it or not, there was a time where this game was unheard of.  Not all that long ago, actually, and if you told anyone about it you’d probably get a raised eyebrow and nothing else. “Wait, there is no point to this game. No story, quests or anything… You just build things?”Why yes, Reader I’m Making Up To Prove My Point. The core of Minecraft is, essentially, to build all the things.  And solely on that premise, Minecraft has spawned thousands of hours played, a player count about half the size of the YouTube user base (i.e. A lot of people), millions upon millions of copies sold, and an outright acquisition by Microsoft for a higher price tag than a person may care to admit (2.5 Billion USD actually). Is Minecraft a big deal?  Yeah.  Yeah it is.



MinecraftMinecraft was something of a one trick pony when it launched, but damn, did it do the trick well. Skeptics who heard about it played with caution. Yet when the fingers touched the keyboard or controller, magic happened. No longer did people need a reason to build a house and survive the night. No longer were gamers shackled by bad voice overs or repetitive murder sprees. All you had to do was rejoice in the ability to build a 500 story monument to Link from The Legend of Zelda, simply because you can. Sure, school or work might cut into building time for some of us. Thank god they have computers in those places that can run Minecraft.



Minecraft in its infancy was surprisingly simple, at least compared to what the game has become. If you’re looking for a recreation of Back to the Future in Minecraft, chances are you’ll find it these days.  Not so much in the beginning. Minecraft, initially, allowed people to showcase artistic sculptures and allowed players to recreate 8 bit images for fans to gawk at. But over time, things became more and more elaborate. You can find videos of Minecraft clocks, calculators, full songs, and make-shift multiplayer games. I’m not talking about what you find in stores.  This isn’t stuff you can buy off a shelf. People have made these things in game. You could be sitting in math class when the teacher asks for the resolution to an equation, and saying “Hold on, let me boot up Minecraft”is a suitable option. Instructor acceptance pending.



You know a game is good when there are more games that mimic Minecraft then there are freaking stars in the sky.  Minecraft took a simple concept and kept to its roots while simultaneously improving it, meaning people always had a reason to come back and play some more.  While I won’t sit here and say hours of building is for everyone, (which is what’s keeping Minecraft from getting our top rating, by the way), Minecraft has rocked the gaming world to the point that if you haven’t played it, you at least know what it is.  And for God’s sake, you need try it out if you haven’t. Chances are your friend owns a copy anyway.  We’re leaving Minecraft with a rock-solid 4.5 Of 5.

Rating 4.5

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