League of Legends | Review by Mania

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League of Legends | Review by Mania

#83 League of Legends Review

It’s hump day folks! celebrate with The Ultimate Gamer and pwnRank.com‘s 100 reviews in 100 days! Just to recap we have snapshotted pwnRank.com’s list on August 25th, so the list may have been updated. Go over and see if the list has updated and to see if your favorite game has made the top spot! However for this review

Spot 83 is the competitive…


League of Legends (LoL) is arguably the pinnacle of great competitive gameplay. Being the number one example of what eSports areĀ all about, LoL is highly competitive and addictive, not to mention, it has held the attention of gamers for roughly 5 years now. Touting 120 champions, 67 million players monthly as of Jan 2014, and setting the standard for MOBA’s everywhere. It’s no surprise this game made the list.

Why it’s Champion

league-of-legends-champions-list-hd-images-3League plays by it’s own rules. You pick one out of the amazing roster of champions, buy items, kill creeps, level up, and (hopefully)
dominate the enemy team. League focuses on revenue from micro transactions meaning anyone who has a computer to run the game(which doesn’t need to be that strong) and an internet connection can play this free-to-play game. The controls are smooth, and the strategy is great. Meaning it holds gamers attention from all over to try to be the best.

The team over at Riot had fun creating a story-line and lore for all their champions (even though they feel they didn’t do a great job and are resetting the lore). However, it gives some people who aren’t necessarily competitive a good reason to still play, enjoy the flavor of Summoner’s Rift, and ultimately understand why two teams of 5 beat each other over the head with brutal attacks.

It May be Great, But…

imagesWhile league is a great game for hardcore players, it has an excruciatingly steep learning curve. Players completely new to the MOBA scene will have a difficult time understanding all the choices and strategies Riot set up to play the game. Even after the tutorial and bot matches. MOBAs in general are also notorious for an unforgiving community. Trash talk and trolling from your own team are not uncommon in these games, however because of the sheer number of players your bound to find people who can actually help you in League over other MOBAs. Fact is, the only way to get better, is to play against people and pacify all the crude remarks you may get.


While LoL is no laughing matter (see what I did there?), it’s quite the heavyweight in the competitive world. It has smooth and easy to grasp controls but new kids to the block may feel left out if they are going in alone. The competitiveness of the game may discourage newer gamers from playing long enough to get good enough. However, if you can stick through it all, League of Legends will surely capture your attention for the long haul. 4 out of 5.

Rating 4

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