Kingdom Hearts | Review by Gambit

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October 9, 2014
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Kingdom Hearts | Review by Gambit

#66 Kingdom Hearts Review Featured

Hello gamers and welcome to the wrap up of week seven in our 100 reviews in 100 days. We’ve got one of my all-time favorite games on the list today!

Unlocking the #66 Spot…

Kingdom Hearts Logo

Kingdom Hearts is a masterpiece that exists out of pure chance. I, not being a huge Final Fantasy fan, didn’t give it a second glance when I first saw Disney characters running around with Final Fantasy characters. In fact, I thought it was laughable. Fortunately for me, I had a girlfriend that wanted to play it. For ONLY this reason I bought a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts… The rest, as they say, is history.


All The Keybladed Goodness

Kingdom Hearts excels in so many areas that it’s difficult to know where to start… So I’ll take the absurdity of the game’s concept head on. This merging of two worlds which are SO incredibly dissimilar is, in most cases, tragic (at best). However, Kingdom Hearts managed to weave in this unexpected world a story so captivating that you simply forget that these universes don’t belong Kingdom Hearts Cerberustogether. Personally, any interest I had in the respective franchises’ solo existence is completely gone; I’d be happy to never see these two worlds separated again.

The graphics for their time were absolutely gorgeous and the gameplay followed suit (and having been recently re-released on the PS3 certainly doesn’t hurt). While Kingdom Hearts is, at its core, a hack ‘n slash game, it has an almost elegant approach to the control of your character, Sora. When you finally obtain Donald and Goofy as allies, the gameplay and character building becomes much more in-depth. Goofy acts as your tank and Donald serves as your spellcaster. If you’ve never played this game, I am well aware of how absurd that sounds, but just go with it. It actually does make a bit of sense when you play the game.

The depth of sheer ingenuity that this game explores is mind boggling. If you’ve ever seen a Disney movie, you’re going to absolutely adore this game. Whether you’re swimming alongside Ariel in Atlantis, fighting hand in hand with Jack Skellington in Halloweentown, or summoning the Genie to help you in battle in Agrabah, every single move you make is an absolute joy.


When The Heartless Strike

Kingdom Hearts GenieAs much as I would LOVE to tell you that this game is flawless, that sadly isn’t true. There are two issues that I think put this game as low as it is on the list. The bigger of the two is simply how long it takes to get into the story. Having seen the trailers for the game many times (I was managing a video game store back in those days), I knew there was a lot more to be had than what is suggested from the first couple hours of gameplay… Had I not been sure of that, I would’ve packed it up within that brief timeframe. There is a tragically slow beginning.

The other issue I noticed was a half-baked idea. Traveling from one world to another required the use of a “Gummi-ship.” A fully customizable ship that you could construct out of bits that were collected along the way. Great idea, I was pumped about it at first… But then it became a chore after a very short time. Not being a game designer, I have no idea how they could fix this… But there it is.


Should I Bother At This Point?

Abso-freaking-lutely! Despite these two flaws, in my… ehem… professional opinion, this is as close as you get to a perfect game (until you play the second one, that is). If you haven’t played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, I implore you, do yourself a favor and go play them. It’s an experience that you won’t soon forget. A cool 5 out of 5 on this one guys and gals. Go play it.

Rating 5

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