Halo: Combat Evolved | Review by Thor

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Halo: Combat Evolved | Review by Thor

#20 Halo Combat Evolved

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No other game has shaped a genre like Halo. It started as a third-person shooter game and coalesced into an FPS icon that is recognizable worldwide. Halo: CE was the foundation for the Halo series, and its success formed the backbone for 11 successive entries in the franchise and counting.

If they came to hear me beg…

Halo Combat Evolved-1Halo: CE was the first entry in the Halo series, created by the now-famous developer Bungie. At the time, Bungie had enjoyed some minor success with their Marathon, Myth and Oni games. But after their acquisition by Microsoft*, and the additional resources they had at their disposal, they were able to make the game truly shine. Halo was released as a launch title for the original Xbox, and is widely credited as a huge part of the reason the console survived at all. Since that day, Halo has secured a prominent place in countless players’ hearts.

Halo: CE had no major changes from previous games in its genre, but it had tweaks across the board. Allowing players to melee and throw grenades without changing weapons, having a fairly open world and reusing environments coming from multiple directions, and a superb story are just three of these tweaks; they aren’t major by themselves, but they pushed the game well past anything it’s contemporaries were doing.

Halo’s multiplayer was the single major advantage it had over the competition. Slayer, CTF, Oddball… they all helped to form the game, and turn it into the pop culture icon that it became. Halo even helped to build the growing eSports phenomenon, specifically an organization called Major League Gaming, (MLG). MLG stuck to its Halo roots until 2010 when it shifted its focus to the more PC based MOBA genre.

…they will be disappointed.

Halo Combat EvolvedEven with all of the critical acclaim, Halo still had its share of detractors, and not all of them were wrong. The latter levels of the game became very repetitive, recycling environments to the point of making them feel bland. The same problem the game had with environment recycling plagued the game’s enemies, forcing you to fight the same Elites and Grunts over and over without much variation. The Flood seemed to be part of the problem with the game, as well. I loved playing against the Covenant, but fighting against the massive, endless horde of Flood started to feel more of a chore than entertainment.

Like no other.

Halo: CE forged a world that has spawned games, anime, books, a television series and even a movie. Countless games have followed in its footsteps by using its landmark health regeneration and weapon choices. Not many shooters can claim that sort of fame. For all of these reasons, The Newbiverse gives Halo: Combat Evolved a 5 out of 5.

*Editors Note: It’s a little known fact that Halo was originally developed for Mac OSX, and was even previewed at an Apple Keynote event by Steve Jobs. Shortly thereafter, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft and the game was changed to run on the Xbox.

5 out of 5

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