Half Life 2 | Review by Marvel

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Final Fantasy VII | Review by Marvel
February 25, 2015
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Half Life 2 | Review by Marvel

#2 Half Life 2 Review Featured

Rising From The Ashes In The #2 Position…

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Wake Up and Smell the Ashes
They made us wait, and for quite a long time, but boy oh boy did they make it worth it! Valve plays by their own rules, they announce what they want, when they want. The number 2 entry on our countdown is no different. One of the most amazing games I have ever played was almost ruined by idiots on the internet (there’s no shortage of those anywhere in sight). Plagued by an unauthorized early leak of an unfinished build of the game, the already long development cycle of Half-Life 2 was extended, delaying the official release by more than a full year. Once this game was in our hands though, it was unstoppable! Coming in at number 2 in our Top 100 games of all time is Valve’s genre boosting Half Life 2 (or more properly HλLF LIFE 2)

The Right Man in the Wrong Place Can Make all the Difference

Half Life 2Half Life 2 won 39 separate game of the year awards as well as Spike Video Game Awards “Game of the Decade” award and, man, did it deserve it! I still remember the opening sequence, which was very similar to the original Half Life game in that you are simply spectating as you travel through an area, but the moment you begin your escape from the Combine soldiers the action begins and rarely stops from then on. I remember how immersive it felt, how they got the sounds and the feel just right so that I felt like I was running away from those soldiers with nothing in my hands and no damn idea where to go. It was enthralling and exhilarating, exactly what I want in the intro to a sequel game whose predecessor I loved so dearly. There was no lengthy tutorial telling me how to jump and shoot and reload and when to use my special powers, because there weren’t really any. The game expects you to be a gamer and rewards you with a giant can of awesome for days and weeks to come as you play through it.

The Free-Man

Half Life 2-1Some of the most memorable moments in my gaming life involve Dr. Gordon Freeman. Half Life 2 was not a disappointment on any front. The graphics were great, the engine made gameplay feel smooth, physics were predictable, and once the ragdoll physics took over; much fun was had. The story was great from start to finish, whether you are playing The Floor is Lava (and/or filled with antlions that will mess you up pretty quickly) across the beach, driving the insanely fun buggy with a turret on it, throwing pheropods and watching the antlions devour the combine soldiers in Nova Prospekt, or using your gravity gun to catch orbs of light and hurl them at silly combine soldiers who seemed to die in the funniest of ways throughout the Citadel. Half Life 2 started strong and kept everyone from the novice to the experienced gamer engaged the whole time, pausing only for some in game cinematics that were neither breathtaking nor terrible, but somehow always seemed good enough and did their job. From Alyx and Dog, to Eli, to Barney (Remember him from Half Life: Blue Shift mod?), and the rest of the cast; this game just hits it out of the park everywhere you look. The game was so good they came out with 3 add-ons to the story (alright, technically one was mostly a tech-demo, but who’s counting? oh yeah… Half Life fans are counting) cleverly titled “Half Life 2: Episode 1″ and “Half Life 2: Episode 2.”

With the absence of Half Life 3 anywhere in the foreseeable future, Half Life fans have developed massive unique undertakings using the assets, bringing things like Gary’s Mod and Black Mesa to the public. These mods were so good that Valve has even allowed a number of them to be traded on Steam, Valve’s official PC game distribution site.

The Worst She Might Do Is Attempt To Couple With Your Head

I spent hours and hours trying to think of faults with this game… alright, minutes and minutes, but if I’m fair. There isn’t really anything. It works, it’s fun, it’s a good story, what the hell else could we want? OH RIGHT! Okay, it would have been nice to get your hands on a few more of the bolts for your crossbow. They were always pretty scarce and that weapon was amazeballs! I used to love sticking Combine soldiers to the wall with it! Anyway, I don’t think you can do much better than Half Life 2, in fact, only 1 game has according to our countdown. That’s why I’m giving Half Life 2 a 5 out of 5.
5 out of 5

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