Grand Theft Auto: Vice City | Review by Mania

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City | Review by Mania

#49 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Review Featured

Welcome to our Week 11 Tuesday review of our 100 reviews in 100 days in conjunction with! In case you’ve missed it, has taken numerous Top Games list from around the web and consolidated them all to get the most popular games of all time!


Are We Really Surprised…

You could spend a lot of time arguing about where the current GTA franchise really has its roots. Some will say it was Grand Theft Auto 3, some Vice City, others San Andreas. While they all have their valid points, Vice City was the game that gave the player what essentially amounted to complete and total freedom. Allowing the player to do almost anything his or her heart desired was a core principle at DMA and Rockstar when they started making these games, and that tried and true formula that we saw come into its own in Vice City is heavily evident in the newer GTA games we’re seeing top the charts today. That doesn’t make them good, though.

In the Limelight

Who cares about the rules of the road?

Who cares about the rules of the road?

Vice City has a few things going for it. Nice graphics, a big, open sandbox of a world, and guns. Lots of guns. The story line was, honestly, lackluster. This can be temporarily offset by letting yourself go on a mind-numbing digital killing spree that would put Ebola to shame, but that’s just a temporary fix. It’s not enough to save the game by any stretch, but it’s fun for a little while. Seriously though, one hour of GTA would probably rack up more kills than Ebola has in it’s entire existence on the planet. The best part of Vice City is the game mechanics. There isn’t a lot of negativity you can throw at the game in terms of how it feels and flows, and we can only assume that’s why this franchise keeps on going year after year. It sure isn’t because of the compelling characters or interesting plot.

The Evil of the Digital Age

Don't mind the gun... or all the violence.

Don’t mind the gun… or all the violence.

A lot of us here at The Ultimate Gamer groan when someone brings up Grand Theft Auto. Some of us don’t like the game, and some of us don’t like the world we live in and how people react to the game. Some of us are just a bunch of cranky bastards that like to complain. Oh, who am I kidding, that’s all of us, not some. Our personal feelings about it here in the office aside, the GTA series is always, like clockwork, under fire from the majority of politicians, moms, researchers, and more. In all honesty I can’t really blame them too much. To quote our own Mr. Gallifrey, GTA is, ultimately $60 worth of murder porn. The whole game is based around the idea to do whatever is necessary, to kill anyone and everyone, for any reason, or even for no reason at all, simply to get what you want or just because you can.


While I can see why people would like Vice City, and I’ll even admit I had fun with it for a brief time, I cannot score the game very high. While the game has great mechanics, the point of the game is lost with mindless killing, explosions, and the occasional hooker or two. 2 out of 5.

Rating 2

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