Grand Theft Auto V | Review by Gambit

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November 13, 2014
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Grand Theft Auto V | Review by Gambit

#41 Grand Theft Auto V Review Featured

Hello gamers and welcome to the close out of week twelve in our countdown!

Stealing our hearts (and cars) in the #41 position…

Grand Theft Auto V Logo

Ah, Grand Theft Auto, you saucy minx. You check in every so often to give us, (and the, oh so lovely and completely rational media), some ripe controversy that get everyone’s panties in a twist. Not only was Grand Theft Auto V adherent to this trend, it actually did its part to kick it up a notch or two. A little bit of water boarding here, a few thousand F-bombs there, and just the right amount of psychopathic characters made Grand Theft Auto V perfect media frenzy fodder. However, there was good news for the people who were actually playing the damn game instead of yelling about it on the interwebs: Grand Theft Auto V was awesome.


Everyone needs a little crazy here and there

Grand Theft Auto VOr so the saying goes. At least, it does now because I said it and you read it. Deal with it. Anyway, we all work our 9-5 jobs, have bosses we want to kick in the shins, and have the weight of the world perched squarely on our shoulders (if you just read that sentence and shook your head “no,” please be aware you’ve earned an eternal spot on my shit list). We all need to blow off steam, and what better way to do that then to hop into a virtual world where you can do pretty much anything you damn well please? Want to jump over a helicopter in midair on a motorcycle? Done. Care to stack busses and race your friends to the top in giant trucks? No problem. How do you feel about skydiving while a jet is trying to give you a buzz cut? Gotcha covered.


I know, I know… There’s more to the game than just putzing around in multiplayer

Let’s talk about the story for a second. This is actually the first Grand Theft Auto game where I can honestly say I enjoyed the story. The characters and plot were actually interesting, the story in and of itself was pretty engaging and, as a bonus, playing through the story actually provided you with benefits in multiplayer. Granted, most people don’t buy Grand Theft Auto games for the story, but if you do end up picking this up for the XB1, PS4, or PC I highly recommend that you check it out.


Beautiful Chaos

While I know my editor, Gallifrey, is going to have a sourpuss look on his face while he reads this, because how dare I speak well of a Grand Theft Auto game,* GTA V is absolute chaos in the best kind of way. Whether you’re figuring out the most ludicrous way to NOT play the game the way it’s “meant” to be played, pushing through the insanity that is the story, or just cruising down the freeway absorbing the beautiful detail that was put into this game, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. If you were ever a fan of Grand Theft Auto in the past, please believe me when I tell you that this is the pinnacle of the series. I leave you with a 5 out of 5 on this lovely Friday.

*Editor’s Note: He’s right.  I seriously thought about just replacing this whole review with 500 F-bombs.
Rating 5

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