Gears of War | Review By Thor

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Gears of War | Review By Thor

#82 Gears of War Review Featured

Welcome back, gamers, to The Ultimate Gamer and Pwnrank’s 100 reviews in 100 days! We’re moving into day four of week four and we bring you a brutal entry.

Ripping into the number 82 spot…

Gears of War

Back in 2006 there weren’t a lot of quality third person shooter games out there. Almost a year after the 360 was launched Epic Games released Gears of War and the world of shooters has never been the same. Gears game put you in the massive shoes of Marcus Fenix, a military deserter turned hero. He leads his Delta Squad through countless waves of jumbo-sized bad guys named the Locust.


The Good

Gears of War CrewGears of war captured many hearts with its hardcore combat and unforgiving enemies. The sheer fact that their guns have chainsaws attached to the barrels speaks volumes at the bloody mess that you experience. From the beginning you are thrust into a beautiful destroyed world and fed a very rich back story of wars won and lost, and a hard fight against a numberless opponent.   The multiplayer was a gem that had what fewer other games had. In Gears of War, if you died you weren’t back until the next round. This gave the game a whole new sense of strategy that hadn’t really been seen in console shooters before.


The Bad

Gears of War was never meant to be a child’s game, and it showed it. From the hard voices and harder combat it was a bit much for many people to take in. Shooting someone in a virtual setting was pretty commonplace at this point, but to chainsaw someone in half… well, that was another story. It took a certain kind of player, and person, to be able to look past all of the gore (and there was a lot of it) and see the beauty of the gameplay. Gore aside, this game was also VERY visceral. The way the characters talked, acted and even joked was very hard and harsh. Some people just couldn’t get a good feel for it.



Gears of War was, and in some cases still is, one of the greatest Xbox games of all time. It actually ranks in the top 5 best selling Xbox 360 games ever and has won several prestigious awards. However, with all that being said it is somewhat of a niche game. Third Person Shooters are typically a little bit harder for some people to get the hang of. Even if it is big lumbering guys fighting off an alien race, it just wasn’t quite for everyone. That’s why The Ultimate Gamer gives this game a 4 out of 5.

Rating 4

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