Dark Souls | Review by Gallifrey

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October 1, 2014
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Dark Souls | Review by Gallifrey

#72 Dark Souls Review Featured

Welcome back to the countdown folks! We’ve got an incredibly difficult game on our plate today!

Frustrating the Hell out of gamers in the 72 spot…

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It’s my firm belief that there are two types of gamers: Those who play for fun, and those who play to win. Most people who play video games consistently have been both of these during the course of their gaming life. I know that’s certainly true of me. I’m the former. I play for fun. There are exceptions to this, of course. When I play competitive multiplayer in Titanfall, or Destiny, or whatever, yes I’m playing to win. Especially if I’m playing against TuG’s own editor-in-chief, the esteemed Mr. Gambit. Why? Because you can only shoot me in the face with a freaking tank so many times before you MUST PAY. But with a few exceptions, video games have been, and probably always will be, a way for me to disconnect for a little while and just enjoy myself. If a game isn’t fun for me, it doesn’t stay in the rotation. And this is why Dark Souls and I didn’t last very long.



Dark SoulsWhen you mention Dark Souls to a gamer, they will usually start drooling or twitching. What this game is most known for, beyond anything else, is for being punishingly difficult. On the spectrum of what’s caused more nervous breakdowns and shattered TV screens, Dark Souls is in the lead followed closely by the series finales of Dexter and Lost. Those rankings are based on analytics I made up for this review, incidentally. And believe me, it’s reputation for difficulty is deserved. When you’re getting slaughtered seven ways from Sunday just trying to get past the freaking tutorial boss, yeah, you know you’re in for a rough ride. After that experience, I knew this game and I probably weren’t going to like each other very much. If you are the sort of gamer that likes a ridiculous challenge, a game that gives you nothing and tries to take everything, and crushes you for every little mistake, then Dark Souls is your wet dream. If what I just described sounds like your own personal hell, then run. Run fast, run far. That’s what I did. I could see myself gnashing my teeth and growling at the television as I died over and over again. This wasn’t fun. I wasn’t enjoying this. And since then I said goodbye to Dark Souls and never looked back, and I am certain that I am much happier for it.



Now, don’t misunderstand me; I am not saying Dark Souls is bad. Actually, far from it. There’s a big difference between me not liking a game and a game being bad. Dark Souls isn’t a bad game. For the type of gamer that plays to win, that plays to beat their opponent under the most difficult circumstances, Dark Souls is arguably the greatest game ever made. It’s beautiful, expertly designed, engrossing and menacing. It’s fantastic. It’s just not for me. Dark Souls is an amazing achievement in gaming, but ultimately its appeal isn’t broad enough to get our top ranking. I know it’s appeal isn’t broad enough because when the chance to right this review came up, everyone scattered like a bunch of frightened orphans and I got stuck with it. So at the risk of one of the enemies from this game leaping out of a screen and disemboweling me for my insolence, it earns a 4.5 out of 5.

Rating 4.5

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