Counter-Strike | Review by Thor

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Counter-Strike | Review by Thor

#67 Counter Strike Review Featured

Hello again, gamers! Welcome to day four in week seven of our 100 reviews in 100 days countdown.

Modding into the 67 spot…

Counter Strike Logo

Counter-Strike was one of the precursors to the modern shooter. In the wake of Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike was born from a Half-Life mod made by two guys that met from a modding community for Quake 2. They took their combined modding experience and created the game Counter-Strike. The game was bought by Valve in 1999 and released to the public in 2000.


Top shots

Counter StrikeCounter-Strike was a fairly simple game. The gameplay was straight forward, the graphics were simplified and the objectives were clearly defined. Counter-Strike was designed from the ground up to be the multiplayer juggernaut that it became. There were three clearly defined gametypes, Bomb, Hostage and VIP, and a multitude of maps to play them on and became staples throughout the genre even now. You bought your guns each round with in game earned points, which made you less likely to just rush in and get yourself killed over and over without losing your weapons.

Counter-Strike was critically praised when it was released as a premier multiplayer experience, touting its gameplay as ground-breaking, and helping to form a strong eSports following. It became the face of the multiplayer shooter until Halo came out, and remained a staple in competitive arenas for years to come. It has spawned numerous sequels and sold over 25 million units over an entire decade.


Modded at its core

Counter-Strike didn’t have any single player elements. All of Counter-Strike’s game was a versus mode which may have limited its appeal. It may have also spawned an increase in hacking. Counter-Strike was developed as a mod and much of the game was corrupted by that same community. From wall hacks to “Aimbots,” this game had some of the most common hacks introduced and perfected. Valve created a system called the Valve Anti-Cheat or VAC to help deter hacking players from playing on the official Valve servers or face a ban. Many private servers instituted this system as well which helped to keep hacking at bay.

Along with hacking, Counter-Strike gained notoriety with the governments and lawyers alike. In 2007 the renowned Florida lawyer Jack Thompson blamed Counter-Strike for the Virginia Tech Massacre. Thompson said that the shooter trained to be an efficient shooter in the game and credited his marksmanship on the game. The Brazilian government banned Counter-Strike from sales in the country in 2008 citing that the game would¬†“bring imminent stimulus to the subversion of the social order, attempting against the democratic and rightful state and against the public safety.” The ban has since been lifted.


Just the beginning

Counter-Strike spawned numerous sequels not only on the PC but on consoles as well. It helped create the atmosphere for the creation of the tactical shooter genre. You can easily see its mark in games like the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises and even in futuristic games like Halo and Destiny. Counter-Strike was a milestone for multiplayer shooters. For all of these reasons The Ultimate Gamer gives Counter-Strike a 4 out of 5.

Rating 4

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