BioShock | Review by Thor

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BioShock | Review by Thor

#5 Bioshock

Controlling Your Every Move in the #5 Position…

Bioshock Logo
Set in 1960, BioShock was a 2K game that quickly garnered a cult following. Your experience starts off in a crashing plane and brings you down to an underwater utopia corrupted by genetic splicing and infighting. This game sets you on a whirlwind of incredible gameplay events, plot twists and amazing settings.

Would you Kindly…

????????In the summer of 2007 2K Boston, originally and later to be called Irrational Games, released BioShock to much fanfare. It brought us to a world where people could fight, not only big powerful bad guys, but make some incredible choices along the way. Yes, the game had its share of deadly bad guys and tough situations but this game brought more. It made you choose between killing little girls for more power, or sticking to your morals and leaving them alive. Once you got to your main target you got a stunning revelation, one that is in my top 5 video game twists ever, that you were being subconsciously controlled by your benefactor known as Atlas simply by the phrase “Would you kindly”. You get a flashback that every mission you did, he asked you “would you kindly” before each of the actions. It made you rethink if you actually had free will in playing the game. This was a very tricky and ingenious addition to the game.

The Big (grand)Daddy

Bioshock-1There are some reviewers that looked negatively at BioShock. They labeled it too black and white or said the AI was too simple and not challenging enough. Personally I loved the game. It offered a great challenge and a great story that made me long for more. It not only made its own story beloved but spawned multiple sequels that are incredible games in their own right. BioShock was more than just a game; it was the start of a cult following that people (including one of our reviewers) love even to this day.

BioShock had everything in a hybrid FPS game that is wanted; it had frenetic combat, incredible secondary powers and an immersive story and world. It brought story to a genre that was struggling with ideas and helped bring the Art Deco design into the limelight for gamers. For these reasons and so many more The Newbiverse gives BioShock a 5 out of 5.

5 out of 5

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