Batman: Arkham Asylum | Review by Thor

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October 22, 2014
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Batman: Arkham Asylum | Review by Thor

#57 Batman Arkham Asylum Review Featured

Hello gamers and welcome to day four, week nine of our 100 reviews in 100 days!

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There have been numerous super hero games in the past. Most of these games end up a major flop. For some reason capturing the awesome power of a super hero in a video game has been elusive at best. Batman: Arkham Asylum dodged this bullet by immersing the player in the same world we have all grown to love, and twisted it just enough to make a great game.



Batman: Arkham Asylum brings the caped crusader to the peninsula of Arkham Asylum while transporting the Joker there. He becomes trapped there and has to figure out not only how to get out, but how to stop the inmates from taking over the asylum. You gain iconic bat-gear and abilities like gliding and using the bat-grapple. The attention to detail in not only the world but in the characters was impressive. Arkham Asylum brought some very gritty and visceral elements to play; something that most other Batman games have been lacking.

Batman Arkham AsylumArkham Asylum was the creation of an entire series of “Arkham” Batman games including Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins and the soon to be released Batman: Arkham Knight. Each of these games are beloved by their fans and praised by the critics. Arkham Asylum was met with critical praise gaining an average 91% on the Metacritic and rarely getting below a 9/10 with all of the major reviewing companies.

Arkham Asylum did something that all other Batman games have not been able to do. They put you in the shoes of Batman and truly made you think you were the Dark Knight. From gliding rooftop to rooftop or slinging batarangs, you got to experience exactly what it is to be the Batman. Even the combat, with its intuitive combo system, made you feel like you are the martial arts master himself.

The game’s story wasn’t the only way to get into being the Bat. There were the combat challenge maps that challenged you to defeat all of the opponents in an arena within a certain amount of time usually without being hit. There were also the stealth challenges that charged you with completing certain objectives to clear the room. This usually required you to complete the challenge without being seen. These challenges gave some depth and replayability after you completed the main storyline.


What it lacked

Not much was missing from Arkham Asylum. The majority of the complaints could be nit-picking, such as the lack of different body types. But the biggest complaint about the game was some of the boss fights. Most of the fights you had to learn one little weakness, that was sometimes the same on multiple bosses, or you had to memorize repetitive and monotonous routines to beat the baddie. On the flip side of the boss fights, the fear serum induced fights with the Scarecrow were quite possibly some of the best scenes in the game.


The Aftermath

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a phenomenal game. The gameplay was fluid and the story solid. You really got to experience who Batman is. If you look past some of the horrid boss fights, I’m looking at you Killer Croc, Arkham Asylum was the quintessential superhero game; you got to battle the super villains and came out on top. For this and all of the above reasons The Ultimate Gamer gives Batman: Arkham Asylum a 5 out of 5.

Rating 5

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