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July 2, 2013

Military FPS: Are They Boosting Military Recruitment?

For long-term gamers, stalking around like some kind of perfectly equipped military commando possessing marksmanship skills that would make Stephen Segal jealous and killing each other […]
June 25, 2013
Bad Times with Xbox One

Console Corpses and the Xbox One

Aah, the Xbox One. We haven’t been this riled up since we discovered the pending generation of consoles were going to use CDs instead of cartridges. […]
June 24, 2013
Video Games are Good For Us

Video Games don’t Create Violence, in Fact They’re Good for Us!

In a recent blog post, we discussed how the self-appointed guardians of morality (IE, the parents who want to stop games like Grand Theft Auto being […]
June 18, 2013
How Hard is Too Hard?

The Difficulty Curve: How Hard Is Too Hard?

The Difficulty Curve: How Hard Is Too Hard? We all love a good challenge. At least, most of us. Well, it depends what you define as […]