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July 29, 2013

The Story of Kratos: God of War

After we published our top 10 gaming bad asses in last week’s blog, there’s been much discussion about the winner, Kratos from God of War. What […]
July 23, 2013
Blog Gamer Merch

The Coolest Gamer Merch You Never Knew Existed

We all love gaming merchandise. No gamer hasn’t at least considered the possibility of one day owning a room full of gaming novelty goodies in a […]
July 22, 2013
Blog Top 10 Badass

Top 10 Most Bad-Ass Video Game Characters… EVER

Everybody loves a good ol’ Grade A, ultra tough, balls-to-the-wall Bad-Ass. Girls want them. Guys want to be them. But who are baddest of asses? On […]
July 17, 2013

PC Gaming: Dead or in Renaissance?

A few years ago, in 2010, the late Steve Jobs stood in front of a bunch of journalists, all eager to learn about the latest gadget. […]