Welcome to The Newbiverse

This is the best gaming site on the planet. Believe it.

More Than Just Games.

You’re here.  That’s pretty awesome of you.  Now we need to give you a reason to stick around.  The way we look at it, there are plenty of places you can get gaming news, reviews, guides, all the usual stuff, so we’re trying to do something a little different.  We’ve custom built The Newbiverse so that, very soon, it will be the only place you need to go to buy, trade, learn about and discuss your game of choice.  Every gaming site says it’s “by gamers for gamers.”  Usually it’s half-true at best.  At The Newbiverse, we mean it when we say it.  Seriously, we’d all rather be playing games right now.  Trust us.  This is a place where you’ll find reviews that don’t insult your intelligence.  You’ll read articles that’ll make you laugh, cry, rage, and think.  Soon, you’ll get access to the Newbiversity, a custom-made platform you’ll only find here, where we’ll personally teach you to play some of the most popular titles out there.  Most importantly, you’ll get an inclusive community where being new to a game or new to gaming in general isn’t a scarlet letter, it’s a badge of honor.  You won’t find any elitist crap here.  Whether you’re an Xbox fanboy, a Playstation junkie, a hardcore PC fanatic, or a Nintendo loyalist, we’ve got something to offer you.  We’ll even put up with it if you want to talk about Candy Crush.  Possibly.  On top of all that, you’ll also find content for many other noble nerdly pursuits, from books to films and beyond.  Video games are great, but they aren’t the only thing out there, and we’d just be slacking if we didn’t give all the other goodies out there the same treatment that we give to our beloved pastime of gaming.  So, welcome to The Newbiverse.  Let the games begin.